I Made You Cry

Last night I made you cry
And today I am sorry.
Last night I made you swear
And today I am guilty.

Last night I did you wrong
I had no need to.
Last night I hurt you
And today I am unhappy.

You cried and your warm tears
Trickled down your face
Unto your hands
And remained there.

You cried last night
And your heart bled in silence
As you whispered words
Softly into my ear.

Last night you rested your face
Upon my shoulder and
I felt the warmth
As your tears wet my shirt.

Last night you cried, sweet one
Because I did you wrong.
Today I cry silently within
Because I know you're hurt.

Last night I kissed you and the salty tears
Touched my quivering lips
And I understood,
She loves me I said, deep inside.

I am sorry I whisper, hoping that you will hear.
I am sorry I scream,from deep within
Hoping that you understand, hoping that you
Because last night, you cried.
Are You Yourself?
Are you yourself
Under the smile that you carry?
Returning a smile won't hurt
Especially if it is sincere
Illuminating a darkened mind won't hurt
Laugh  and be happy. Aren't we friends?
Let your light shine brightly
Irrespective of what goes on
And I'll be happy. Be yourself.

Wet, mud-filled shoes,
Damp clothes,
Dripping umbrellas
At the front door.
Drenched heads
In the rain.

Over-laden clouds
Over the dark, towering mountains,
Ceaseless noise of rain
On window panes
And on rusty, galvanized roofs
As garbage-filled gutters
Begin to spill their contents
Unto the narrow streets.

Poorly built roads
As swollen, rushing rivers
And creeks
Flood the land
Creatures drown.
Vehicles roll on,
Wipers splashing,
Headlamps flashing.

People seek shelter
As herbal bush
And cinnamon tree bark
Boil in black teapots
Keeping warm, the poor souls,
Trembling with cold within.
The rain continues pouring.
Hold On

Face the music
Stay in there, face the crowd
For it's rough out there.
Stay strong and stand out proud.

Don't panic
Move slowly with the beat.
Hold on! Hold on!
Don't fall off your feet.

Hold on, stand firm, be true
No longer is it what it was
No longer is there food to eat
But guns and bombs and wars.

Today seems like a saddened child
Whose dreams have vanished.
No more the breath of fresh air.
Life's no longer dearly cherished.

Everywhere is the stench of pollution
Who cares for our salvation?
Toddlers are becoming parenst.
Oh what a mass of confusion!

Fraud, greed, corruption run amok
Along the pot-holed lanes of life
As the powers of darkness keep growing.
Lord, it's a world of strife.

The world writhes as the beauty disintegrates
Is it worth living?
Be bold! Be brave! For behind the dark clouds
A bright light is glowing.
The  Flower

In the early morning
If stands alone
Dewdrops hang from its petals
Birds chirp their joyful tunes
From their fragrant pedestals.
A red beautiful blossom
Like a new day
A new life
New dreams
New hopes
Its fragrance
Fills the air
Beautiful flower
Too beautiful to be moved
Too beautiful to be touched.
But alas I fear
To the ground it will fall
To be trodden upon by all
And the birds will mourn their loss
And bees will no more buzz.
And today
They will fly away
To where beauty lies.
And like that flower
Man too dies
And travels to eternity
And when he does
Who will behold the beauty?