Acknowledgement:  Thanks to Dr. Irvin Pascal for info on the books by The Rev. William Watty and Mr.Edward Scobie.
This page is dedicated to all the Dominican writers- those who have gone before me; those who
experienced Dominica with all her charm, beauty, folklore and have left their words imprinted forever so
that I may see the Dominica that they saw. A Dominica with its crystal  rushing rivers, its verdant green
mountains, its untouched beaches and unspoilt image. It is also dedicated to all those who continue to
follow in their footsteps, keeping in line, following the path that those before have paved for us.
The Wide Sargasso Sea that Jean Rhys traversed, up Green Triangles with Lennox Honnychurch
or listening to
Rain on a Tin Roof with Gabriel Christian while we Pause to Ponder with Dr.Kay
Polydore, we have seen many of  writers present their work to the Dominican public and to those in the
A small selection of the books published by fellow writers- a little mix of everything. Support them in their efforts to share what they have to offer.
Click on some of the authors' names, book titles and/or images links above to order copies or you may contact the authors through
(Dominica Association of Arts and Sciences).
Books published
Allfrey, Phyllis-Shand:
The Orchid House, In Circles, Palm and Oak,While The Young Sleep,It Falls Into
Andre, Irvine:
A Passage to Anywhere,Distant Voices, The Island Within, In Search of Eden*
The Jumbie Wedding, H.E.Franklin Andrew Baron- A Biography of Dominica's First
Chief Minister,.Dr.Desmond  O.N. McIntyre-The Surgeon Who Transformed
Primary Health Care in Dominica, Edward Oliver LeBlanc and The Struggle to
Transfrorm Dominica, Death by Fire*
* Co-authored with Gabriel Christian
Bellot, Albert:
Next of Life
Benjamin, Ivenia:
Seeds of Sacrifice, Harvest of Faith
Bruney, Eva:
A Little Bit of Me
Casimir, J. Ralph
Scriptium, Africa Arise, Pater Noster ,A Little Kiss,The Negro Speaks,Farewell
Christian, Esther:
Chance Meeting
Christian, Gabriel:
Rain on A Tin Roof, In Search of Eden**, Death by Fire**
** Co-authored with Irving Andre
Christian, Henckell:
Gatecrashing Into The Unknown
Colaire, Augustus:
Voices from the Mansion of My Soul
Douglas, Rosie:
Chains or Change
Gordon, Aurelius
Come Ye Forward Sons and Daughters
Honnychurch, Dr. Lennox:
The Dominica Story,Green Triangles,Our Island Culture
Jackson, Ian:
Of Thoughts Confusing, Broken Images
Jolly, Fr. Clement:
Rainbow Man, Song of the Dove, A Time to Remember
John, Giftus:
The Dawn,Words in the Quiet Moments,The Island Man Sings His Song,
Mesye Kwik! Kwak, Ma William and Her Circle of Friends.
John, Justina:
From the Shadows
Jno.Baptiste, Anne &
Pattulo, Polly
The Gardens of Dominica
John, Marie-Elena:
Joseph, Leonard:
From Thorny Bushes to Green Pastures
LaRonde, Christabel:
Lespwe Fanme
LaTouche, Gerald:
To Catch A Life, The Burden of Flight
Lazare, Alick:
Native Laughter,Nature Island Verses, Pharcel
Lewis, Julius:
The Old Tambou
Leslie, Cecil
Winter Colors
Lockhart, Anthony:
Man In the Hills,Two Heads
Magloire, Juliana:
The Sea Hawk
Piper, Peter:
Really & Rarely
Polydore, Dr.Kay:
Pause to Ponder
Rhys, Jean:
Wide Sargasso Sea, Voyage in the Dark, Quartet,After Leaving Mr. McKenzie,
Good Morning Midnight
Riviere. Raglan:
Rumpunch and Prejudice, Colonial Deception, Born too Late
Seraphine, Chris
None But Thee
Scobie, Edward:
Global African Presence
Sorhaindo, Paula:
Pulse Rock
Shillingford, Christborne
Most Wanted: Street Stories  from the Caribbean
St.Jean, Dr. Peter.K:
Lessons From Grand Bay
St.John, Joszann:
Wounded Bird No More, McKenna of Dreams and Substance, I Want to Give My
Love to Thee.
Sylvester, Mark:
When I Awake, The Road I Walk
Sylvester, Mary:
Black in the Black Forest
Toulon, Anthony:
The Garden of Attainea
Watty, Frank
Watty, Rev. William:
From Shore to Shore-Sounding in Caribbean Theology
White, Michael:
Absent Fathers
Williams, Albert:
Through the Far Eye, Honarable Natty Dread, One Dominica_Ode to I Be Beloved
Woodman, Henry:
Face to Face
Wounded Bird No More
The Dawn
Rain on a Tin Roof
The Old Tambou
Wide Sargasso Sea
In Search of Eden
The Orchid House
Words in the Quiet Moments
Native Laughter
When I Awake
The Dominica Story
Chains or Change
A Passage to Anywhere
Distant Voices
Green Triangles
Song of the Dove
Mc Kenna of Dreams and Substance
Man in the Hills
Pause to Ponder
Our Island Culture
The Negro Speaks
Rainbow Man
Rumpunch and Prejudice
The Sea Hawk
The Island Within
Chance Meeting
From the Shadows
Colonial Deception
Mesye Kwik! Kwak
I Want to Give My Love to Thee
Yet We Survive
It Falls Into Place
The Gardens of Dominica

A Mosaic of Covers..
Covers of Books by
Dominican Authors
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